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*International Space Station Status Report #05-56*
*3 p.m. CST, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2005*
*Expedition 12 Crew*

With their first spacewalk behind them, the residents of the 
international space station pressed ahead this week to prepare for 
several upcoming milestones.

Expedition 12 Commander Bill McArthur and Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev 
will get a special musical wakeup call this weekend as Paul McCartney 
connects with them live from a concert in Anaheim, Calif. The call will 
take place at 11:55 p.m. CST Saturday and will be broadcast live on NASA 

The McCartney wakeup music for McArthur and Tokarev is a follow-up to a 
tribute he paid to the crew of Space Shuttle Discovery during the 
STS-114 mission in August, when the Beatles’ classic “Good Day Sunshine” 
was played as a wakeup call for Discovery’s crew on the day weather 
conditions became favorable for landing.

McArthur and Tokarev spent the week servicing the spacesuits they wore 
Monday for a 5 hour, 22 minute excursion outside the station. During the 
spacewalk, they installed a television camera, jettisoned an inactive 
science experiment and removed and replaced other equipment on the truss 
system of the complex.

The crew's second spacewalk is planned for Dec. 7. McArthur and Tokarev 
will don Russian Orlan spacesuits and exit the Pirs Docking Compartment 
airlock for that excursion. During the spacewalk, they will move a cargo 
crane adapter, collect science experiments from the hull of the Zvezda 
Service Module and manually launch an expired Russian spacesuit equipped 
with amateur radio equipment. Called SuitSat, the experiment is designed 
to see if ham radio contacts can be made with a free-flying transmitter.

To prepare for that spacewalk, McArthur and Tokarev will relocate their 
Soyuz spacecraft from the Pirs docking port to the nadir docking port of 
the Zarya module on Nov. 18, briefly leaving the station unoccupied.

Earlier today, four thruster engines on the ISS Progress 19 resupply 
craft were fired for more than 33 minutes in two separate reboost 
maneuvers to raise the altitude of the outpost. The station is now in a 
near circular orbit of 219 statute miles to accommodate the launch and 
docking of the next Progress cargo ship in December. The reboost was the 
longest ever completed using Progress engines.

On Wednesday, Tokarev replaced a control panel for the station’s toilet 
in Zvezda that had malfunctioned earlier in the week. The temporary loss 
of the use of the device's liquid disposal component had no impact on 
station operations. Following the troubleshooting, the toilet is now 
operating normally.

For information on the crew's activities aboard the station, future 
launch dates, and station sighting opportunities from anywhere on the 
Earth, visit:


The next ISS status report will be issued Thursday, Nov. 17, or earlier 
if events warrant.

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