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    Crew Enacts "No White Sox" Policy on Station

Expedition 12 crew Expedition 12 Commander Bill McArthur, right, and 
Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev show their Astros spirit in honor of the 
Houston baseball team's participation in the World Series. McArthur, a 
longtime Houston resident and Astros fan, decreed a "no white sox" 
policy onboard the station and asked Mission Control for a plan to 
"trash or jettison" all of the crew's white socks. (Image NOT SHOWN)

Aboard their orbital home, Expedition 12 Commander Bill McArthur and 
Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev continue preparing for an upcoming 
spacewalk, conducting scientific experiments and capturing dramatic 
images of Hurricane Wilma.

As Hurricane Wilma churned through the Caribbean, the station crew 
documented the storm's fury through a series of spectacular photographs 
taken from an altitude of 222 miles.

McArthur and Tokarev conducted the first of three sessions with the 
Renal Stone experiment last Wednesday. Through this ongoing experiment, 
researchers are working to develop effective countermeasures to the 
formation of kidney stones in crewmembers during space travel.

The Expedition 12 crew will perform the first of two spacewalks 
scheduled for the mission on Nov. 7. McArthur and Tokarev took some time 
last week to begin reviewing the procedures for their upcoming 
extravehicular activity, the objectives of which include the 
installation of a new video camera on the P1 truss structure and the 
retrieval of a probe attached to the top of the P6 truss.

Russian technical specialists are investigating the cause of the abort 
of a recent planned reboost intended to increase the station's altitude 
by about 8 miles. A test firing of the thrusters is planned for 
Wednesday to gather more data on the matter.

Nov. 2 will mark a major milestone in the annals of space exploration: 
the fifth anniversary of continuous human presence in space aboard the 
international space station.
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