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Re: SAREX-digest V2004 #620

With the hint to smile in mind, I zoomed all the way in expecting maybe 
green cheese -
maybe I'm missing the obvious but I saw no cheese - my best guess is the 
final zoom  is
a spoof of atoms in a lattice.   After pondering I think I've got it - 
the moon is really a
giant single crystal structure doped with green cheese - perhaps it is 
the computer that
was to follow Deep Thought in Doug Adams Hitchhikers Guide...

Well, the article did mention " massively distributed computing, 

Joe - K3FMA

>Message: 5
>Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 15:54:33 -0500 
>From: "RANSOM, KENNETH G. (JSC-OC) (BAR)" <kenneth.g.ransom1@jsc.nasa.gov>
>Subject: RE: [sarex] NASA Takes Google on a Journey into Space
>Be sure to zoom all the way in on image and smile  ;)
>Kenneth - N5VHO 
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