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Why WA3NAN is not on the air (WAS: ISS on HF?)

The Goddard Amateur Radio Club has been having serious problems with
manpower lately. The club currently has no president because no one has
stepped forward to accept the job. The position of Shuttle
Retransmission Director is also vacant, this is the person who makes the
phone calls to get operators lined up to pull shifts at the
retransmission facility. Another factor is that new security
restrictions imposed on us after September 11 require all visitors to
Goddard to be escorted by a badged employee at all times, and since the
WA3NAN ham shack is located on government property we are bound by these
restrictions and it is much harder to bring in control operators who are
not Goddard employees.

A long term technical solution will be to automate the station with
remote controls and telemetry for the transmitters so that the
retransmission operator can operate from his home QTH, but that is still
a little ways off in the future.

Dan Schultz N8FGV


>Hi all,
>Someone asked this on the SAREX bbs and I didn't see any reply. Is the
>Goddard Amateur Radio Club, GARC, still retransmitting the audio from
>NASA TV on HF? I haven't heard anything there for the last few Shuttle
> One of the clubs here in the Detroit area is retransmitting the audio
>2m and the video on 440mhz. So I'm able to keep up with the launches.
> But I was just wondering if the WA3NAN folks were still doing
>73 de Doug KA8QCU

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