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Re: Discone Antenna

Hello Tom!

28 Nov 00 00:14, you wrote to amsat:

 TE>    Has anyone had much luck using a Radio Shack Discone Antenna for
 TE> reception of the weather satellites. I am not having much luck here at
 TE> N 71 degrees 17.13', W 156 degrees 45.96'.

It's not the ideal antenna.  A lot of Wx sat people use a turnstile for this
purpose.  Most verticals have poor overhead pergormance, as they're designed
for terrestrial operation.  There are exceptions to this rule.

BTW, this list is more for talking about manned operations on ham radio (i.e.
Shuttle, ISS, etc).  Although your query is not strictly ham satellite
oriented, the guys on AMSAT-BB will generally help out.  There's also a site
dedicated to Wx sat reception, but I don't have the URL on me. :(

Tony, VK3JED
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