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RE: Discone Antenna

> Van: Bruce Bostwick [mailto:lihan@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu]
> >   Has anyone had much luck using a Radio Shack Discone Antenna for
> >reception of the weather satellites. I am not having much 
> luck here at N 71
> >degrees 17.13', W 156 degrees 45.96'.
> >
> >Thank You
> >Thomas Elmore
> >Barrow,Alaska
> A discone won't be very useful for satellite reception, since it's
> omnidirectional *and* omnifrequency.  If you need a wideband 
> antenna, a
> log-periodic will at least give you some directionality, but 
> as weak as
> satellite signals are, a monoband Yagi (for linear 
> polarization) or helical
> (for circular polarization) will probably be the best solution.  The
> discone does have the advantage that it doesn't have to be 
> aimed at the
> satellite, but you're going to need a lot more antenna gain, 
> plus possibly
> a preamp, to hear the satellite.
Don't forget that a discone is a vertikal groundplane ant so you lose a lot
of signal at higher elevation (as mutch as -100dB direct overhead).

I have seen many wx stations using qaudrofilar antennas, they don't seem to
hard to build so look into that as wel.
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