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Re: Discone Antenna

>   Has anyone had much luck using a Radio Shack Discone Antenna for
>reception of the weather satellites. I am not having much luck here at N 71
>degrees 17.13', W 156 degrees 45.96'.
>Thank You
>Thomas Elmore

A discone won't be very useful for satellite reception, since it's
omnidirectional *and* omnifrequency.  If you need a wideband antenna, a
log-periodic will at least give you some directionality, but as weak as
satellite signals are, a monoband Yagi (for linear polarization) or helical
(for circular polarization) will probably be the best solution.  The
discone does have the advantage that it doesn't have to be aimed at the
satellite, but you're going to need a lot more antenna gain, plus possibly
a preamp, to hear the satellite.

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