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Discrete ISS 2m freq.

I did not list the frequency used as it might have been a one time use,
and as some of you might recall, there was a bit of controversy about
posting the frequencies used during the MIR school, and "personal" 

Here are some tips to try and find the ISS when they are not doing general
QSOs with amateurs.

1. Monitor 143.625.
 I noticed on 2 passes that passed near Houston, as Alpha came above
the horizon here in Seattle they were transmitting a continuous signal 
on 143.625, with an open mike.  A brief QSO (in Russian) occured
, then the signal was abrubtly cut off. A short time later KD5GSL appeared
on 2m in QSO with W5RRR.

2. Search between 145.800 and 145.995.
 Maybe they will use a freq in this part of the band, maybe not.

3. If KD5GSL wants to have a general QSO and work a pileup, I'm sure he
will show up on 145.800 and call CQ.  

If he want's to have a pre-arranged chat with a friend, or family member 
via W5RRR, he most likely will show up on some freq other than 145.800.

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