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Re: question on AO-40

At 02:21 PM 11/26/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Would someone please clairfy the mode, freq and general times of access of 
>AO-40 (P3D).

Since there are no humans on board AO-40, this discussion would fit better on the AMSAT-BB mailing list. The SAREX mailing list is for manned space activities. The AMSAT-BB mailing list is for everything else.

>I have it as FM, 145.88 (beacon), access for North America approx 05:00est to 

FM is not used. The beacon is 400 bps PSK. You may be able to hear something on an FM radio, but you'll need an SSB radio and a PSK demodulator to decode it. Information on demodulators is available at http://www.amsat.org/amsat/sats/ao40/ao40-tlm.html

The current beacon frequency is 145.898 MHz, plus or minus up to about 1.5 kHz of Doppler shift.

In the current (temporary) orbit, access for any given location is not fixed from day to day. You'll need to run a satellite tracking program to determine when it's up. Your figures aren't too far off for today, and it will be similar for the next day or two, but it won't apply after that.

I can confirm from direct observation that it's up there as I write this.

73  -Paul

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