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ISS ham radio operations commence.

ISS ham radio operations commence.

International Space Station commander William "Shep" Shepherd, KD5GSL,
reports that he was able to take a few minutes out of a busy schedule to
start general QSOs with the ham community.  Shep says that he was able
to speak with a few lucky hams last Friday, 2000-11-17.

With the recent arrival at ISS of a Progress automated cargo craft, the
crew's work pace will redouble.  With the planned launch of the STS-97
to the ISS on November 30th, the Expedition One crew will be working
long hours to prepare for the arrival of space shuttle Endeavor carrying
a large new solar panel for the ISS.

More information about Amateur Radio on the ISS is available at the
http://ariss.gsfc.nasa.gov/ web pages.

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