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RE: ISS human power generation

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> Subject: Re: [sarex] ISS human power generation
> >Hi all,
> >
> >This may be a frivolous question but are the excecise machines
> >ie. treadmill on the ISS connected to generators to provide
> >extra power for the space staion?
> >
> >73 de Bruce VK4EHT
> Can a human generate enough power to be worth recovering it?  Probably in
> the 10-100 kilojoule range for a typical exercise session .. although in
> the case of the treadmill, which is just a friction board with elastic
> straps, it would be impractical to recover it.  A stationary bicycle could
> be a potential recovery source, but it may be too impractical to have one
> set up just for that, and the power systems on board ISS are pretty
> specialized equipment which would not integrate well with an
> in-cabin power
> source except in dire emergencies.
> My guess would be no ..
> 73 de Bruce N5VB

A well-trained athlete can only do about 0.75 horsepower at max exertion ...


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