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Re: ISS human power generation

>Hi all,
>This may be a frivolous question but are the excecise machines
>ie. treadmill on the ISS connected to generators to provide
>extra power for the space staion?
>73 de Bruce VK4EHT

Can a human generate enough power to be worth recovering it?  Probably in
the 10-100 kilojoule range for a typical exercise session .. although in
the case of the treadmill, which is just a friction board with elastic
straps, it would be impractical to recover it.  A stationary bicycle could
be a potential recovery source, but it may be too impractical to have one
set up just for that, and the power systems on board ISS are pretty
specialized equipment which would not integrate well with an in-cabin power
source except in dire emergencies.

My guess would be no ..

73 de Bruce N5VB

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