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Phase 3D Launch Delayed 24 Hrs

 Mission Updates: Flight 135 
November 14 Special Report: Ground infrastructure anomaly results in
24-hour delay 
Also see the press release for additional information.

An anomaly in the ground-based telemetry system at the Spaceport has
pushed back Arianespace's launch of Flight 135 by one day. 

The anomaly was in the telemetry link between the ground control network
and PanAmSat's PAS-1R satellite, which is installed atop the Ariane 5. 

Jean-Charles Vincent, the head of Arianespace's Kourou facility, said the
problem was pinpointed in the umbilical mast on the Ariane 5 mobile
launch table. 

"We detected the anomaly this afternoon, and decided on the one day
postponement to provide sufficient time to resolve it," he said. "The
decision occurred before we began fuelling the cryogenic main stage with
liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellant." 

Vincent said both the launcher and its multi-satellite payload are in a
safe mode, enabling the countdown to begin again tomorrow. The launch
window remains the same as today: from opening at 10:07 p.m. to 11:03
p.m. Kourou time. 

Flight 135 will be the fourth commercial mission for the heavy-lift
Ariane 5, and the 10th Arianespace flight of this year. It marks the
first use of the no. 2 mobile launch table for Ariane 5, as well as the
initial flight with the ASAP 5 platform for auxiliary satellites. 

PanAmSat's PAS-1R is the mission's primary payload. It is accompanied by
three auxiliary spacecraft: the British STRV-1c and 1d satellites, and


For information on the earlier launch campaign activity, see our previous
Mission Update. 

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