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Tracking Program Calibrator

Tracking Program Calibrator

Hi all:

If you are setting up a new tracking program or dusting off your old
tracking program.
and you want to know if it is set up correctly, then start with ISS.
First get new keps from celestrack or other site.


Set the correct time in your pc

Set your Tracking program to know if your pc is using UTC or local

Adjust for Daylight savings time.

Then log onto the NASA web page below and compare your PC image
to the NASA image.

If required, adjust your program to match the NASA program.

Some of the older Tracking programs have y2000 bugs, such as
InstaTrack 1.0 and others.
If the sun is one time zone off, you may have a simple daylight
savings time flag problem.

73 Miles WF1F MAREX

Mac wrote:
> OK, old guy, new question....
> I am tracking the ISS as of yesterday with WinOrbit3.6 and latest KEPS from
> AMSAT...
> I showed a good pass this AM at 7:24 EDT.. didn't hear a peep... however at
> 8:02 EDT I heard the Russian stuff on 143.625...  how can I be off by 38
> mins??? I have blown the time conversion before, but was off by an hour, not
> 38 mins!?!?! My ISS Keps are set 269 dated 11/9/2000 .. have they shifted
> the orbit that far?.. If so, where can we get more current Keps?
> Thanx in advance,
> Mac W8XF
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