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*ISS EVAs Alter Russian SSTV Event Schedule*

February 21, 2015 – EVA activities on board the ISS have caused a change in
plans for Russian SSTV transmissions that were to take place on board the
ISS on Saturday, Feb. 21 and continue through Monday, Feb. 23, ending at
the crew’s sleep time. In a news release from Gaston Bertels – ON4WF,
ARISS-Europe Chairman, he states that SSTV transmissions “will possibly
take place on Sunday and Monday”.

If activated, the Slow Scan Television signals will be transmitted at
145.800 MHz using the high resolution mode PD180 with 12 different photos
being sent throughout the event with 3 minute off periods between
transmissions. One of the photos will be a commemorative diploma created by
the National Polish Amateur Radio Society celebrating the 80th anniversary
of the birth of the first cosmonaut, J.A. Gagarine.

See below for more details on the ISS EVA activity.

Any further updates will be posted at the official ARISS Twitter and
Facebook accounts noted below.

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Astronauts Wilmore, Virts and Cristoforetti will be performing three
spacewalks over the next few weeks that will impact some of the amateur
radio operations on the International Space Station (ISS). Spacewalks have
been scheduled for February 21, 25 and March 1 and will have the amateur
radios turned off to assure the safety of the crewmembers working outside
of the ISS. The series of spacewalks will prepare cables and communications
gear for new docking ports that will allow future crews launched from
Florida on U.S. commercial spacecraft to dock to the space station. The
spacewalks will be the 185th, 186th and 187th in support of space station
assembly and maintenance.

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