[sarex] Changes in the ARISS Program

Frank H. Bauer ka3hdo at verizon.net
Fri Nov 30 15:47:48 PST 2012



The ARISS team is making several changes to the program to ensure it
sustains and thrives in the future.  This e-mail provides a top-level
description of these changes.  


Beginning in October 2012, the NASA Education Office took a very large cut
in its budget.  While ARISS provides recognized high impact in STEM (Science
Technology Engineering & Math) inspiration & engagement, ARISS is not immune
to these budget cuts.  The ARISS-US executive team (NASA, ARRL & AMSAT) have
been working aggressively to mitigate the impacts of these budget cuts by
changing roles and responsibilities between NASA, ARRL, AMSAT and the other
international partners. And by cutting out efforts that were not deemed
critical to ARISS success.  


One major change that you all will notice is that effective today, NASA's
Logistics Coordinator Support task will end.  This means that Carol Jackson
will no longer be providing support to the ARISS Team.  We commend Carol for
her outstanding, sustained support to the ARISS program over the past 9
years.  She has been instrumental in the success of ARISS.  And she will be
sorely missed.  But budget situations have forced the team to reallocate
Carol's roles to others in NASA, ARRL, AMSAT and within the international
ARISS community.  


For the most part, we have implemented these changes.  But these transitions
will continue occur over the next few weeks.  We ask all to be patient as we
retool as a result of these changes.  


As we transition into these new roles and responsibilities, you might notice
some changes or issues along the way.  If you see things that need to be
addressed, we ask that you let me know directly at my ka3hdo at amsat.org
e-mail address.


On behalf of AMSAT, ARRL, NASA and the entire ARISS-International team, we
want to thank you all for your continual help, support and encouragement to
ARISS over the years.  And we look forward to a strong ARISS future.  


73,  Frank H. Bauer, KA3HDO

AMSAT-NA V.P. for Human Spaceflight Programs

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