[sarex] 2012-08-06 ARISS Status

Carol Jackson tcekmjackson at comcast.net
Mon Aug 6 09:24:07 PDT 2012

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) Status Report

August 6, 2012



1.            Upcoming School Contact


An Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact has been
scheduled for the Canada Science and Technology Museum Summer Day Camps on
Thursday, August 9 at 18:39 UTC via station IK1SLD in Italy.  The museum has
run science camps for children in the Ottawa area for over 12 years. The
summer of 2012 will see five concurrent camps for 125 children ages 6-12 for
seven weeks of the summer. Each of the five camps has a different theme
incorporating various aspects of science, technology and engineering and all
will participate in the ISS link-up. Other activities will include launching
a space balloon, building and programming robots, cryogenic demonstrations,
launching water rockets and using robotic arms.


2.            Space Jam Contact Successful


Scouts attending Space Jam 6, which was held at the Octave Chanute Aerospace
Museum in Rantoul, Illinois, participated in an Amateur Radio on the
International Space Station (ARISS) contact with ISS astronaut Akihiko
Hoshide, KE5DNI on Sunday, August 5. Hoshide was able to answer 22
space-related questions posed by the scouts before losing the radio
connection. Space Jam focused on "The History of Aviation" this year and
offered lessons on Space Exploration, Radio, Aviation, Electronics and
Robotics among other STEM topics. Approximately 1000 scouts, leaders and
parents turned out for Space Jam 6 this year.


3.            Amateur Radio Newsline Covers ARISS


The August 3 Amateur Radio Newsline report #1825 carried two news items
concerning the ARISS program. The first item covers the new Ericsson which
is slated to be launched to the ISS in November and the second is about
Frank Bauer returning to his leadership role at AMSAT. To view "Ham Radio in
Space:  New 2 Meter Radio to Launch to the ISS" and "Names in the News:
KA3HDO Returns to AMSAT as VP of Human Spaceflight," see:


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