[sarex] Re: RK3KKPK?

Thomas Frey th.frey at vtxmail.ch
Fri Jan 27 13:36:47 PST 2012

Alan P. Biddle schrieb:
> I got the following note from a ham in the Palm Springs, CA area:
> This morning, while getting ready for Saturday's hamfest, I saw this:
>> 10:05:32R INDIO>RK3KPK Port=1<UA R F>
>> 10:05:51R INDIO>RK3KPK Port=1<RR R F R1>
>> 10:07:03R INDIO>RK3KPK Port=1<RR R F R2>
> This call is from near Moscow.  Is it possible it is from the
> ISS?  (INDIO is one of our digis.)
> There is an RK3KPK, Andrey Mironow, who was an RS satellite command station
> years ago.
> Any answer I can give about how his call ended up on a WIDE1-1 US digi
> string?
> Alan

Hello Alan

One day I observed the same effect with US calls. I think the TNC was
blocked over Russia and "uloaded" over California.


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