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STS-9 W5LFL audio tapes

Gary  -K8KFJ- said:
> A year later in 1984, the ARRL introduced cassette tapes of
> those STS contacts for purchase. They were produced by WA2DHF
> and titled Amateur Radio in Space - W5LFL Aboard Columbia STS-9.

Does anyone know if any of these tapes are still around ?
I've heard bits and pieces, but I've always wondered if I ever actually
made it through the brief pile-ups and into his audio log ...
I know I heard him on several passes and called him back, I was mobile.
Seems the first pass or two, it was not that busy - I heard more acks later.

Owen lives here in Huntsville (most of the time) and I've met him
on several occasions, but never wanted to trouble him with such vanity.

Perhaps some transcript or call-sign log was created ...
Perhaps the publisher has some copies still for sale ...
Sure would be neat if in fact I could find myself in the audio.
Those were exciting times, I wish I could better recall . .. . .. . ..
   Thanks  /;^)
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