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... and they said it couldn't be done.

It's amazing what a bit of inginuity (and downright tenatiousness ......GM1SXX) can do.

That and a bit of help from my friend Percy ... (perseverance).

When I *RIPPED* down the aerials due to the newly inposed restriction. I thought my
Anne Logue satellite days were over.

Never having being 'excited' by single QSO FM (on a satellite) I thought "that's yer lot" 
John matey.

However ... hearing such rot!!! regarding the power to work AO-7 (mostly from the American side, I might add, something I believe is entirely due to Amsat's FM policy) I decided to see just what 'could' be done.

Having what is now IMHO a worst possible case scenario, that is, 22 year old rigs 
(no CAT interface for doppler tuning), a ground floor flat without access to loft space, total aerial restrictions outside, surrounded by mountains on 3 sides and a maximum output power 
of 5 watts on CW.

I still managed to contact F6 something-or-other this morning. Presumably, my uplink on AO-7 mode-B was readable to those whom actually have a receiving aerial because two stations answered my CQ. The 7 element Arrow giving me a giant EIRP of about 40 watts ... however, 
my downlink signal, just 3 elements on 2m, indoors !!! definately left a *LOT* to be desired.

I could hear myself - but then, I 'knew' I was there. Two stations did answer but since they both answered at the same time (err ... I forgot, what did you say full duplex meant?).

I ask because they 'both' continued to reply to La2qaa/QRP ... the only thing I managed to 
copy was de F6 some-thing-or-other ... when I sent an interogatory (QRZ) they both disappeared.

I waited a while to see if either of them would try again but they didn't.

As I have mentioned so many times before, you really *DON'T* need 10 elements and an
'effing' *BIG* BRICK to work AO-7 - (or any other of the LEO's for that matter).

I do apologise for the rather offbeat keying, my keyer is made from 2 x back-to-back
computer microswitches taped to the palm of my hand ... BECAUSE I WAS WAVING THE AERIAL ABOUT WITH THE OTHER HAND ... of course.

For bthe affluent on the other side of the pond this weekend, enjoy yout turkey. For the 
'moderately' affluent, enjoy your chicken - for the remaining ... enjoy you egg.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Relax !!!, the Europeans ... the geese are still getting fat.

73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org> 

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