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Receiveing satellites beacon with soundcard!

Many friends ask about my setup for receiving satellites TLM by
soundcard AWGPE and UISS software's at speed of 9600 bps.
I think most of the data at 9600 bps ruin or not reach the sound card 
if you use interface with audio isolation transformer (1:1) or interface with 
Optical  isolation IC as in most of the ready made brand interfaces! 
(still I'm testing this hypothesis with homemade interface and commercial brand interfaces ).
Actually you do not need interface at all  to receive TLM data!
Just take the (sound!) (data) from the your Rig data socket 
(Make sure it's pin for 9600) and feed it direct to the soundcard mike input.
Configure the AGWPE to work at 9k6 bps.
(If you face any problem delete the  ini file and start again)
Make sure your Rig at 9600 bps rate.
AWGPE do all the show behind screen.
If your rig has AFC put it on.
If you have a simple soundcard keying circuit, key your
Rig and listen to your transmission at 9600 your will hear
dumb soft sound .Compare that to 1200 with other setup to AWGPE
to see if AWGPE works ok at 9600 speed .you need other radio to listen.
You can make several copy of the AWGPE each with deferent setup
 for baud speed. I'm using none pro edition of awgpe . Make many copies on the desktop  and play with them. Avoid using the same AWGPE to set many com 
and on air baud rate on the same copy. I have here 4 copies one for 1200 bps
one for 9k6 bps other for TNC .
I'm using IC-910 with AFC that help to correct Doppler and did a great job
for receiving Data. OS is XP .CPU 500.soundcard from Creative.
Antenna Homebrew 12 EL UHF Yagi vertical polarization with PRE-AMP
I wish if WISP and  EchoTLM softwares work under AWGPE !!
more info at my webside link 
73 de Nader st2nh


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