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Re: thought for a neat product, anyone seen one?

Hi Eric!

> I just thought of kind of a neat product for those of us that work sats.
> Has anyone seen anything similar?  I have an ft-817 which has a cat
> interface and will operate both ssb and fm.  Has anyone seen a little box
> that would adjust the radio frequency for both uplink and downlink while
> displaying azmuth and elevation data?  It seems that it would be handy to
> have the frequency control take care of itself while providing data as to
> where I should point the arrow.  What do those reading this idea think of
> it?  It would seem to me to be quite useful especially for ssb.

I'd like something like that.  Barring that, I will use a small laptop with
the Yaesu CAT cables (I'm using 2 FT-817NDs) and run SatPC32 or
some other software to do the radio control.  In the field or at hamfests,
it would be a lot easier to have computer control of the frequencies -
and show those not familiar with non-FM satellite operation how it can
be done.

Back to printing QSL cards...


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