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Re: First SAt QSO

Curt, I think I heard you in there, but there might have been too many  
stations on there for me to call you.

The reason we talk fast is because of what someone already mentioned,  
AO-51 goes by pretty quickly.  It's a very popular satellite, and the  
typical QSO is like a DX QSO on HF; with the exception that we  
exchange the grid, for those working towards VUCC.

Many of the AO-51 users realize that if they talk for a long time,  
that only cuts down the number of stations that can use the satellite  
during that pass.

Now if you want to be able to talk a little longer, I suggest you use  
SO-50, which is underutilized in my opinion.  SO-50 requires a PL tone  
of 67.0, otherwise no one will hear you.  I suppose that might be one  
reason why it is underutilized.  A lot of hams may not realize that,  
and can't figure out why they can't hear themselves on the bird, and  
they give up.  If you are able to work AO-51, you can work SO-50, so  
long as your radio can do PL.

I don't know the history of SO-50, but my guess is that it was decided  
to use a PL tone, because of QRM from non-licensed hams using high  
powered 'cordless phones' sold in some countries, and perhaps some  
illegal users on 2 meters in other parts of the world.  Once you've  
been on AO-51 for a few days, you will realize what I'm saying!

Now if you really want to chew the rag, then you need to get on one of  
the SSB birds, such as FO-29 or VO-52; that is, if you have the proper  
equipment.  There you will find that a pass can last a lot longer than  
AO-51, and not be limited to one 'channel'.  But unfortunately as  
well, you will find those to be much more severely underutilized.

73 de W4AS

On Nov 22, 2008, at 10:14 PM, Curt Nixon wrote:

> Oh...very cool.
> Made my 2 very first ever sat QSO's on the 1830 pass of AO51.
> Simple radios, simple setup, simple(Cheap) Yagis.
> Man you guys talk fast!!!
> Curt
> KU8L
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