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Re: Transcr Question

I used the Icom 275 and 475 for several years, and even with the CT-16 
satellite interface, it was a chore.  Borrowed a 910H for Field Day 2001, 
and was hooked.  I picked up a barely-used one on e-Bay for $810, and it was 
probably the best ham purchase I've ever made!  Takes up less than half the 
desk space, and is SOOOOOO much easier to work with than the 2 separate 
radios were.  One of these days, I'll add the 23cm module.

I use SatPC32 for doppler (FAR Circuits CT-17 clone) and tracking control 
(FOD-Track and G-5400B rotors), and have never looked back.

George, KA3HSW

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> Hi group,  I still struggling through selecting a radio for 2m and 70cm 
> satellite work. I already have a G-5500 and a 2m and 432 antenna from 
> M-Squared, and the computer interface, and pre-amps.  I'm thinking I'm 
> starting okay but now the hard part -the Radio.
> A friend has a Yaesu FT-7800 unit he wants to sell me.  I'm all atwitter 
> thinking that two radios, one for each band, is better than one and need 
> some insight.
> I can get some older ICOMs (471A and 271A) and was wondering what the 
> group thought of (1) two radios versus one; (2) the Yaesu FT-7800; and (3) 
> the ICOM 471 and 271 as my base station.
> I'm thinking I'll need CAT and I'm not sure the FT has it.
> What is one to do? Advice solicited!
> Dave/KA0SWT

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