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Re: COMPASS-1 support at the West Coast

Hi All,

I want to fully endorse the comments from Bob and Bruce.  I have been
working with the Compass team for the last few months and it has been a most
enjoyable experience.  Their willingness to provide feedback, telemetry
decoding software and general information is I think unique in the Cubesat
world.  Beyond that it is the only amateur satellite as far as I know that
actually invites active participation in satellite command and control
operations - an opportunity normally restricted to a select few. It presents
an opportunity to try something quite different from the normal run of the
mill amateur satellite operations and I for one believe that Compass has
been an excellent addition to the ranks of amateur satellites.


>As for myself, I have been very glad and proud to provide support to the
>Compass-1 project by collecting telemetry and helping with command of the

>I know Mike must have devoted countless volunteer hours in his support to
>this project; I know he has emailed me for specific requests at what must
>be some very long hours in EU.
>Bob W1ICW

>With all respect, I take the position that is converse to this:
>namely, that COMPASS-1 *is* an amateur satellite, and therefore the COMPASS
>team has assisted us greatly by building it. COMPASS happens to be the only
>satellite that I have commanded from my groundstation, operating on amateur
>frequencies, of course. In some sense, it is, to me, more of an amateur
>satellite than, say, our much-loved FO-29 or AO-51, or any HEO that might
>get launched. These, I assume, I will never control; COMPASS I have.


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