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CJ7EWK from Vancouver (CN89), so far...

Hello from Vancouver!

I am enjoying this quick vacation to Canada.  I made my trip to grid 
CO80 - the ski resort at Whistler, north of Vancouver - on Friday.
Due to constant rain and some snow, I did not attempt to work the 
radio from up there.  I was able to do some operating on Saturday 
from the Vancouver area, and hope for a little more tomorrow 

For Saturday, I parked near an elementary school in the suburb of 
Burnaby, east of downtown Vancouver.  It was on a high spot in this
city built on hills, and a good spot for satellite operating.  On 
AO-16, I used one of my FT-817NDs (I did not bring both of them) with
a Maldol AH-510R telescoping whip.  To avoid stressing the BNC 
connector on the radio, I put a short length of coax on the radio 
with an adapter so I could hold the antenna away from the radio.  I 
used the strap on the radio's carrying case to put the radio around 
my neck, and used the mic with my other hand.  I was able to do a 
good job with the antenna in this unusual configuration.  It was a 
challenge to break through the eastern wall of stations on the first
AO-16 pass, but was able to work 7 stations on the 2237 UTC pass and 
one more QSO on the later pass at 0016 UTC. 

Later in the evening on AO-51, I used the same AH-510R whip directly
on my IC-T7H HT.  For the first pass I tried at 0150 UTC, I worked 8
stations.  Thanks to Angelo N5UXT, for trying to cut a hole in the 
early part of the pass so I could get in with my HT/whip station.  
I knew I would be at a disadvantage in leaving my Yagi and log 
periodic antennas at home, but it helped to keep my checked bag a 
little lighter - and less for the airport security to get curious 
about.  I worked 3 more stations on the western pass at 0330 UTC. 

I may be able to get on AO-16 Sunday afternoon.  There is a slight
possibility I might get on VO-52 in the late morning.  It may be on a
western pass only.  I now have a small "netbook" laptop, which has 
been very useful on this trip.  I can run a tracking program - for
this experiment, VO-52 - and follow the program's display to set my 
transmit frequency up to the satellite if I try a pass.  I do not 
have both of my FT-817NDs with me, and I have only had this laptop
since last Tuesday - not enough time for me to get the CAT cable 
working between this laptop and the radio.  I will start my 
experimenting with this laptop to control both of my 817s, which 
would help me out a lot.  :-)  

For anyone who works CJ7EWK this weekend, I will be happy to QSL our
contact(s).  Please e-mail me the QSO information, and I will send 
you my CJ7EWK QSL after I return to Arizona if you are in the log.


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK (CJ7EWK on the satellites this weekend)

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