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Yaesu FT-847

I recently acquired a Yaesu FT-847 for use primarily with satellites.   
Previously I used a Kenwood TS-2000, but decided to go with the 847  
due to the 2000's known birdies on the output of some of the FM  

I use Ham Radio Deluxe, but used SATPC32 on the Kenwood.  I had no  
problems at all with the SSB birds on the Kenwood & SATPC32.  However,  
with the Yaesu FT-847, I find that SATPC32 will no longer 'see' the  
radio.  It won't place the radio into satellite mode, and it won't  
change the frequencies depending on the satellites I click from the  
'shortcuts' on the bottom right.

I have doubled-checked the wiring on the RS-232 cable, 5 for ground,  
and 2 & 3 crossed (null modem cable).  I'm sure it's not the cable,  
since Ham Radio Deluxe can see and control the radio's frequency.

I'm wondering if there is a problem with either the radio, or if there  
is something that I need to do in SATPC32 in order to change over to  
the Yaesu.  Obviously under Setup, Radio Setup, I have selected Yaesu,  
Model FT-847, Com port 1, and CAT delay of 20.  However, I don't see  
anywhere to tell the program what the baud rate of the radio is.  I  
have tried 4800, 9600 and 57600 with the same lack of success.  I see  
there is a file called yaesupar.sqf in the directory of SATPC32,  
however I can't find anything in the documentation about what, if  
anything, needs to be entered in that file.

I should also note a couple of other things.  On the rig's menu item #  
41, for X RPT which is cross repeat, I can't change it from OFF, it's  
stuck there, no matter what I do.  I wonder if that has anything to do  
with the problem.

In addition in Ham Radio Deluxe, if I use the new HRD Sat Track  
program, which is a beta release, I can't connect to the radio using  
the IP server.  It briefly displays FT-847, and then it immediately  
goes away.  However, if I use Digital Master 780, which is used for  
digital modes, it can control the radio without any problems, so I  
think I have narrowed it down to a problem with SATPC32.

I hope someone can help me, as I would really like to use this rig on  
the satellites.

73 de W4AS
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