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Re: Starting out on packet mode

Hello Ciaran,

You can use AGWpe as the soundcard modem. This site has an 
excellent "How-To":

There is another application that works with AGWpe to simplify 
APRS via ISS and that is UISS.

Since you already have an interface, you could be up and running 
for the next pass.

For the FT-857, I set menu 80 RF-GAIN/SQL to squelch and open 
the squelch for packet. I'm connected to the 6 pin data jack and 
use either mode FM or PKT. If you use PKT set menu 73 to 1200bps 
and adjust the audio input gain at menu 71 if needed. I turn DNR 
and DBF off for packet.

For pass prediction I use Orbitron. It is a simple easy to use 

Mike kc9doa

On 2 Nov 2008 at 10:38, Ciaran Morgan wrote:

> Hello folks,
> Being a relative "newbe" to the hobby, I am trying to find
> information on using packet data with the likes of the ISS and
> other AO satellites.  
> My set up is fairly basic at the moment - FT857D using a US
> Interface Navigator and running into a Watson W50 co-linear that
> is on the very top of my house (which is on a bit of a hill in
> the area I live).  I know most people suggest/recommend using a
> TNC for packet but are there any software TNCs/systems (and
> instructions on setting them up) around that I could pick up to
> try out?
> I did hear the ISS on 145.825Mhz this morning as it went over
> Europe (0840UTC ish.) which is a start.. 
> 73
> Ciaran - M0XTD	

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