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Simulated Emergency Test via Satellite

> ... GEO systems... will seem rather ordinary. 
> Any ham capable of pointing an antenna to a 
> fixed spot can become satellite active. 

What is needed for this new opportunity is encouraging the mind
set of many AMSAT members towards community service and
emeregency preparedness.  Just pointing a dish on demand, in
crisis, where needed may not be all that easy.  The trusty and
valuable OM's that show up for most public service events with
their trusty IC-2AT's may not be ready for satellite operations.

I am thinking AMSAT (we) need to do more emergency service
preparations and tests with our satellites.  Not only will that
test our capabilities, but we will also need to demonstrate our
emergency response capabilities as a group to help sell the nw
P4 concept to the supporters of this new Geo initiative.

Can we work up a SSET, Satellite Simulated Emergency Test?
Something AMSAT can do to get this bandwagon rolling.  Here's a
web page on what I am thinking:



For the APRS satellites, everyone with an APRS station, or D7 or
D700 would try to send an EMAIL reporting location and status
via satellite from the field.

For the PACSAT message birds, similarly send a message reporting
status from the field.

For the FM and linear birds, have a net control take check-in
status from as many field stations as possible.  

I hope I'm not not re-inventing someone's wheel.  SET was in
October and I am not a routine satellite operator, but I do
think we need field preparedness.  This is not another Field day
contest.  But this is different.  We will have good powerful net
controls taking as many low-power check-ins as possible to
demonstrate our capability to handle emergency traffic from
anywhere.  By my count, there is a LEO satellite pass on average
at least once an hour most of the day long.  Plenty of time
during a 2 day test for eveyone to checkin.

With PCSAT-1 returning to service for the next two weeks, I
would propose to do this during the 2nd week in November.  And
to schedule it monthly from then on.  Sign up net controls for
the FM birds, etc...

Field Operations IS part of this new P4 opportunity.  Lets start

And you can do this all from  your mobile without a PC!

See my draft web page...


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