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New version of SATPC32 available!


Version 12.7 is out!




What's new:


Vers. 12.7


1. The program now comes with additional sets of 2D and 3D

   physical world maps. Via mouse click the user can switch

   between political and physical maps.


2. The political 2D world maps have been updated. Now they show

   the border lines of the successor states of the former

   Soviet Union and the former Yugoslavia.


3. The programs (SatPC32, SatPC32ISS and Wisat32) now support

   rotor steering with the Italian rotor system ProSistel.


4. The "Uplink Calibration" feature has been expanded. With

   previous versions this function could only be used with

   "normal" SSB satellites (SSB on Uplink and Downlink). Now

   it also works with mixed-mode satellites (Uplink: SSB,

   Downlink:FM). Sometimes AO-51 is using this mode.


   The "Uplink Calibration" function allows users to automatically

   calibrate the Uplink frequency for best audio pitch of their

   downlink signal and to save the change. With future program

   starts the user will then immediately hear his own downlink

   when he switches to that satellite, without the necessity to

   tune around and produce QRM.   


   Important: With SSB/FM satellites the SatPC32 control "V"

   must be switched to "V+" before the "Uplink Calibration"

   function can be used.


5. The programs (SatPC32, SatPC32ISS,Wisat32) no longer use the

   IOPort.SYS driver for port access. This driver doesn't work on

   64-bit systems. So, no special version of these programs is

   necessary for 64-bit systems.


   The driver was used to steer the German rotor interface IF-100.

   Since direct steering of this Interface by SatPC32 is no longer

   possible the update includes a little server program similar to

   the rotor driver files for the other interfaces and controllers

   supported by SatPC32.  The new IF-100 server program is only

   functional with 32-bit systems.  The other rotor interfaces and

   controllers - except the FodTrack interface and the KCT-Tracker -

   are supported with 32-bit and 64-bit systems.


6. Some minor improvements have been made with SatPC32ISS, WinAOS

   and WinListen.

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