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Re: From where???

>Hello Dave,
>                  I was born within spitting distance of the JODRELL 
> BANK ... (University of Manchester) ... Radio telescope, in the 
> county of Cheshire, England 1n 1946.
>Served in Her Majesty's Service ... (British Army Signals) ... UN 
>service ... (around the world) ... NATO Norway from 1970 until 
>retirement, been here ever since.

Very good, John, that explains the "English"..

I'm 85, and still trying to act like a kid, but really not 
accomplishing it now!!

I'm a retired US Navy fighter pilot, retired in 1967 after WWII, 
Korea and Vietnam...25years total service...

Sounds as tho you have control of the heart thing...  I had a small 
stroke about six weeks ago, still feel some of the downers from it, 
but gradually adapting..

Am sure we both thank the Good Lord for what we have remaining...

I've worked them all since 07, hope we get P3E pretty soon...Good we 
have ESA.....NASA does nothing for AMSAT, except use us to advertise 

Oh well, got to have something to complain about!!

Nice to hear from you...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E...  

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