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Using the D700 on GO-32 mobile

D700 Operating tips on GO-32:

The D7 and D710 APRS radios have a menu setting for IGNORE DCD which is needed to both TX and RX on GO-32 while it is beeing heard.

The D700 does not.  So the D700 will not TX while it can hear the GO-32 downlink.  This is not too much of a problem, becuse it can only hear 1 out of every 3 passes anyway.  And if you are just making a periodic report, then your UPLINK packets even on the main high pass will be successful for the first and last 5 minues of the pass while your receiver still cannot hear the downlink.

But if you are sitting there watching all the packets fly by on the PMON display, and want to TX, then it is easy to do.
Just set TX MODE to PTT instead of AUTO.  Then you can force a POSITION report by kerchunking the PTT button for an instant.

Remember, if you send a MESSAGE from any of these radios, you must QSY the uplink to 145.85.  If you are only sending up your POSTION/STATUS then you must be on 145.93.

I forgot this this morning and wondered why my message never got diigipeated...


So you can read all the mail, add the wildcard * to your message list.  But then clear out old messsages or you will fill up fast.

TIP-3B:  If you send a message, do not send it to an individual call, send it to ALL.  Then everyone can see it no matter what their setting of their message list.  You can mention somoeone else's call in your message to ALL.

The D710 is much easier to QSO with messages.  The MSG menu has an EDIT button.  So you can call up an old message and just edit it.  A GREAT application for this is QSL's.  Just watch the downllink, and eveyrone you want to QSL, you can just edit their new call onto the end of a previous message to ALL that lists all the calls you are QSL'ing in one message.

I think each new edited message becomes a new one, so be sure to CLEAR the older ones.


Bob, Wb4APR
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