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Re: LEO in Europe

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply.
I am not fed up with LEO FM repeaters. I am fed up with some operating
pratices. But maybe it's just me waking up with a bad humor. Thanks for the
tip. I will try GO-32. Thanks for all your efforts in providing us such
valuable information and satellites. 

It was a relief. I apologize for doing it in the AMSAT-BB list.

Paulo, CT1ETE

If you are fed up with LEO FM repeaters, then try something new.  You have
eveyrthing you need.  Just change freqeucnies!

> the use of LEO's... is more frustration than satisfaction. 
> I feel like willing to dive into the deep abysm. 
> Crash my Arrow antenna and my TH-D7 and say goodbye. 
> I quit.

The D7 is 100% ready to go for two-way LEO Packet satellite QSO.  The arrow
will make it work very well.  See how:


No congestion, lots of room.
Good luck.

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