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SATme for mobile phones

The recent thread on "easy satellite prediction" led me to resurrect a  
project I started last spring: a satellite prediction program that  
will run on a mobile phone called "SATme".

I have a beta version on my local computer that is free for anyone to  
download.  I am particularly interested in who can and can't get the  
program to run on his or her device.  This tends to be a device- and  
carrier-specific process, but I would like to collect some data so  
that I can come up with a relatively trouble-free method of deployment  
for the greatest number of people.  Eg, I'm looking for what problems  
people had when installing and how they worked around it if they  
could.  Anyone on the Sprint network should be able to download it  
with their phone's browser, provided that their phone meets the device  
requirements.  I don't know about other carriers, but it should be a  
similar process to installing a game.

Here's the download page, which has links to the device requirements  
and screenshots of SATme running on a few different models.  Since  
this isn't yet running on a full time server, it may dissappear  
occasionally as the computer needs to free up some memory for other  
things.  Be patient with the website since it wasn't designed as a  

I would prefer to have any correspondance regarding this project by  
direct email so that we don't tie up the reflector, so please be  
careful when hitting the "reply" button.  I haven't yet decieded on  
what license terms I'll release it, etc, but this is an invitation for  
anyone who is interested to give it a try.

Andy K0SM

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