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GO32 Mobile Pass Predictor?

> Received over 150 packets from GO32 in the mobile! 
> ...just stand outside during the prime morning 
> or evening pass of GO-32 with your D7 HT set 
> for APRS 9600 baud ...

For Maximmum Mobile Madness Messaging, we need a simple way for APRS mobiles to predict the peak pass in the morning and evening..

Can some old timers remember how we used to do AMSAT satellite predictions back when none of us had computers?  I think all we needed was a reference time of asceding node, and then by simple addition, we could estimate for a week at a time...?

Didnt we just add X minutes for our latitude and then Y minutes a day, and then we could always predict a pass...
We only need to predict the PEAK passes over 30 degrees elevation...

Someone want to make up this simple arithmatic tip?  In fact, we could let GO-32 downlink this in an APRS message!  Then all each mobile has to do is leave his rig parked on the GO-32 downlink, and every day, he will get an update of the ascending node info!

In fact, my D700 display still has the LAST STATUS time stamp I received from GO-32 in its station list.  This tells me the exact time that I last heard GO-32.  100 minutes later, I should hear it again (but for the D7 or D700) you won't decode anything, because you will only decode on the middle pass of the 3 each morning and evening.  And so we need a simple 12 hour and 24 hour predictor.

Neat project...

Actually, since I did get decodes above 30 degrees, sometimes there are two passes that are near that elevation and not the single pass.

Bob, Wb4APR
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