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I started in Satellites when the Mode K sats were popular.  When they died,
I lost interest.  When Sunsat was popular, I tried...but soon found that
working for a LARGE telecom demanded more from me than I could devote to

Maybe it's just me, but I have noticed in my 2nd incarnation on the Ham Sats
that some users insist on attempting the LONG QSO.  This, I feel, is rather
unfair given the fact that these sats are not the Oscar 10
variety...allowing long QSOs.  Rich, N2SPI, at the 2007 Rochester Hamfest
said that they are like working a contest...because the passes are so fast.

Today, as also noticed on many passes past, one ham in Michigan, relishes in
being longwinded.  I have complained to him directly...not on my
behalf...but for the OTHERS I heard in FN02...03...and 12 trying to access
SO-50.  I'm not worried about my situation.  But when I can hear locals with
HTs trying to work the birds...and some INSIST on holding 80 meter style
chats, I get a bit peeved.  (I'm adding an amp to deal with THIS particular

Am I being petty?  I welcome the critiques, since I am new to sats.

Don't hold back.  I RESPECT the truth.


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