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Icom AG-35 preamp question (2/2)


Thanks to K5MAN for the AG-35 manual copy, including schematic.

For the benefit of anyone else considering an AG-35, I thought I'd pass 
along what I've found so far.

I was able to read most of the scanner manual pages 100%, and from what I 
can see, the AG-35 uses a 78L08 voltage regulator. Seems that the TO-92 
package was/is the most common, so I doubt that there's really much heatsink 

The datasheet for the 78L08 shows that a maximum of 23 volts should be 
applied to the input, and the AG-35 manual specifies 9-15 volts input. I'm 
guessing that
Icom under-rated the voltage input due to the small heatsink area?

Anyhow, I'm a little worried that my AO-40 bias tee will run the AG-35 hot. 
Guess I'll put a little bias-tee together and use 13.8v station power.. Now
just to find the time! <grin!>


Kyle Yoksh
Olathe, Kansas
Amsat # 35249

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