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Re: Keep It Simple Silly

At 03:23 PM 9/30/2007, SV1BSX wrote:

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> >  It's  probably true to say
> > that Eagle will use 20,000 transistors to do the same job  as 20
> > transistors
> > in Oscar 7. But it's also fair to say those 20,000  transistors will do a
> > much
> > better job.
> >
>....hmmm, and its also unfair to don't say that,  the possibility for a
>malfuction with 20,000 vs
>20 transistors is ....  1,000 times greater !
>Simple mathematics... even if  these 20,000 transistors
>do a better job,  the risk  is too big.

Even simpler math ...
1 out of 20 failing is likely worse than 1 out of 20,000 ...

G0MRF is correct of course ... SuitSat-2 will test the SDX ...

I'm not sure where anyone thinks this "debate" is going - it IS going 
to be an SDX and not analog ... this has already been decided on as 
far as I can see ... and I sat through a lot of talks at the DCC 
about this stuff. Because that is: a) what the guys doing all of the 
work want to do, and b) what is required to provide the services 
desired for the power budget available.

However, we might be able to put a spark-gap up there if we need 
something "rad-hardened" ...



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