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Re: AO-27 scheduler

At the present time, the only way is to compare the Analog Medium 
transponder "on" times from the 24-hour listing (which are UTC, by the way) 
with the times for visible passes at your QTH.  No one program available 
today will give both.

The Java program that my son wrote for me gives you the ability to see the 
satellite's current state, as well as the 24-hour listing, without having to 
have internet access (except to update the data files occasionally).  The 
best part is, you can look ahead at any future date (assuming the 
satellite's on-board schedule doesn't change), which you CAN'T do from the 
AO-27 website.  It is available to download at 
http://www.cs.rit.edu/~cjh9783/programs/satsched.php .  It's free, but feel 
free to make a donation to AMSAT if you find it useful.  Make sure you 
update the data files from the File menu the first time you run it.

George, KA3HSW

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Subject: [amsat-bb] AO-27 scheduler

> AO-27.
> Easysat ? ... right !!!l.
> I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to figure out how to tell when the AO-27 
> transmitter is switched on over my QTH ... (Frei Island JP33WB) ... or 
> not.
> Of course, any tracking program tells me *WHEN* the satellite is over my 
> QTH but tracking programs don't tell me whether the transmitter is 
> switched on or not.
> The AO-27 scheduler supposedly does this ... the only problem is
> ... I find it thoroughly confusing.
> The passes (according to any tracking program with the latest keps) and 
> the AO-27 scheduler don't seem to agree ... (me'thinks John is doing 
> something wrong !!!) ... or ... from the scheduler I can see if the 
> transmitters are on (or not) when the satellite is well out of my 
> footprint ... but I'd like to know whether it's on when the satellite is 
> workable from my QTH.

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