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Re: Yes, DStar can work on LEO

At 09:35 AM 2/28/2007, Trevor wrote:

>Existing guidelines would appear to rule out the use of linear satellites for
>D-Star due to bandwidth and duty cycle considerations. So it appears the mode
>can't be used on any existing satellites.

Guidelines are just that... guidelines.  That said, it's certainly 
best to avoid such high duty cycle modes on the linear birds.

>This goes back to the concern I was expressing in my original email. New
>Amateur Digital Voice modes are being developed without any apparent 
>input from
>the satellite community. A decade from now we could see Amateurs swapping over
>completely to Digital Voice certainly on VHF/UHF and very possibly also on HF.
>If Amateurs cannot use their commercial Digital Voice radios on the satellites
>we could have a major problem in recruiting new satellite operators.

Well, maybe the satellite community needs to look at what sort of 
mode would suit it (likely something different to terrestrial 
comms).  The plethora of new modes is another argument for putting 
more effort into SDR technology.  Good to see TAPR working towards 
that end (unfortunately, their timing is really bad for me and I 
doubt I'll be able to order the boards while they're available :( ).

73 de VK3JED

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