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Re: Can D-Star work on VO-52?,


The HAMSAT (Vo-52) has linear transponders, what means
that what is comming in also goes out. The only
problem might be that the output spectrum is inverted
in frequency.  

For FM this has no hearable effect, and even the 9k6
packet has no problem with it. On SSB the inversion
results in modulation change from e.g USB to LSB.

For D-Star I don't know if it can handle an inverted
RF signal. I have been looking for some info but the
whole D-star system is not to much transparant. The
claim that it can be used with homebrew equipment, but
didn't seen any kits yet. 

I think it is all commercial monopoly minded. Only
hams with the $$$$ will be able to buy it, but have
actually no idea what is going oun and comming out of
their "black-box".

When we want a digital system I would go for something
like CDMA. This system seems to be more ham friendly
and can be implemented in a homebrew way.
As example look at this link:


Great experiment... this is real ham, even if it is
not the FM or SSB we are used to do...
Ham are to explore RF technology, not to only buy and
talk... Then you can better use a phone :o)

73 de William

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