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Re: Can D-Star work on VO-52?

At 05:32 PM 2/25/2007, Tony Langdon wrote:
>At 12:34 PM 2/26/2007, joseph Murray wrote:
> >Dear Trevor ( M5AKA )
> >
> >I continue to ask one question about digital voice on HF.
> >
> >When will Hams see a digital voice system that will be able
> >to Handle a 20 meter pile up.
> >
> >So far , the answers have been negative.
> >
> >Would Trevor know of any system that could accomplish that feat.
>History has shown that older systems will stay around if they are
>still useful to the ham community.  CW is a perfect example, and AM
>still exists in niches.  Similarly, analog SSB and FM will continue
>to exist and be used on air for decades.  Furthermore, the next
>generation of radios are likely to be software defined, so there will
>be no problems maintaining backwards compatibility with the modes we
>enjoy today.  If the radio doesn't have the mode we want, we will be
>able to either download a firmware upgrade or Google for the source
>code we need and install it ourselves.
>73 de VK3JED

Tony and all:

Not only will SDR permit legacy modulation modes, but permit changing 
into new modes as they are developed.  One of the most difficult 
"growing pains" of new technology is the rapid obsolescense of 
equipment as a new mode matures into a new "standard" (e.g. 
8-track/cassette/CD/... or Betamax vs VHS).  The SDR allows all and 
anything, limits are your imagination!

Joeseph: this still doesn't answer your question :-)

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