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Re: AMSAT Journal

I will really second the praise for the Journal!  I keep several years on my
shelves for reference, as sometimes odd bits of information do not make it
online, or at least in a readily findable fashion.

One use I have found in helping potential new operators is to hand out a
folder with 2-3 years of issues, to be read for orientation.  While more
detailed information is available on the AMSAT sites, I have found the
articles by people on what they are doing, and how they are doing it, often
brings about an "Ah hah!" moment.  I guess seeing real people makes it come

So, my question is whether the Journal is stored in a format which would
lend itself to being made available online, as is the TAPR PSR?  Perhaps
only through the previous year so as not to cut into membership.  For
orientation purposes, that would be fine.



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