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Re: Ham HT and SkyCommand

> ...the only new HT I can recommend is the Kenwood 
> TH-D7A[G]...which can still operate in full-duplex 
> [which] is essential in mode J-FM [satellites].

Sort of related:  I am using my D7 in SkyCommand remote control
of my TS-2000 as a remote base and making it useble to everyone
in the club.  This way, everyone with a D7 or D700 in the local
area, can be in SkyCOmmand mode and see on their radio front
panel, what the remote-base TS-2000 is doing.

See http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/USNAremoteHF.html

It is working great in this "Group Operations" mode, except for
one thing.  I simply cannot get it to remotely change bands.  If
anyone on the AMSAT-BB has played with SkyCOmmand and has some
answers, I welcome them.  Here is what I have learned so far in
this Groups Operations Mode:

* Does the VHF link ever time out? [Yes, after 10 min)
* What does #1 ON/OFF command do?  (I see no change.)
* Can others share the TS2000?     [Yes! Use CMDR call!}
* Can we chat on UHF for coord?    [YES, w different PL]
* Can all D7/700's see HF freq?    [yes!]
* what is safe TS2000 VHF TX pwr?  [5w is mildly warm]
* How to remotely band change?     ????? <=my main prob
* How to delete char in callsign?  [CLEAR key on TS2000]
* What about PATH?                 [must be direct]

In otherwords, multiple D7 HT's and Mobile D700's in SkyCommand
mode can all see the front panel of what they are hearing on the
VHF audio link.  Coordination of who transmitts is a separate
issue, but I am addressing that with some additional APRS
packets to display who is commanding at any one time.

Sorry for the dual post, since I have asked this question on the
APRSSIG too for over a week, but it appears that none of the
thousands of D700 users there has ever seemed to have used
SkyCommand either, or run across this problem.


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