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Re: ANDE-1 and File RAFT speak

Hi Tanan,

VOICE Mode activation:
Requires a command station in your footprint to
activite VOICE for each pass. In Europe we have
two stations doing this often, but other continents
have less VOICE activity. First watch the telemetry
at http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/pcsat.cgi to see if
it has been enabled. It's rare outside Europe.

VOICE Mode usage:
Once a command station has activated VOICE on
ANDE you do not need to (=must not!) connect ANDE.
Just enter in Hyperterminal as CONV:
:TALK     :Hello (mind the 5 spaces are TALK!)
and it will say "HS1JAN says Hello"

VOICE Mode activation:
Anyone can activate VOICE in by C RAFT.
RAFT will say: "Welcome to TextSpeak"
After you get connected, disconnect from RAFT
without RAFT seeing that (go off frequency and 
force your TNC to disconnect).

VOICE Mode usage:
Once someone has activated VOICE on RAFT
you do not need to (=must not!) connect RAFT.
Just enter in Hyperterminal as CONV:
:TALK     :Hello (mind the 5 spaces are TALK!)
and it will say "HS1JAN says Hello"

More examples and details are at:
or of course at:
or see my weblog of Jan 5th at:

>From the above you see that a simple "C RAFT" should
provide already a spoken word out of space !

Please share the results.
I am still waiting for the first mp3's from outside Europe !

Henk, PA3GUO

ps: I personally find RAFT much easier, I use a 10 element
beam, without preamplifier.

>Hello PA3GUO , 9W2QC and All HAM
>Could you please advice me step by step for command
>control to speak of ANDE.  I will control RAFT and
>ANDE speak message of my send to command talk to
>Best Regards,
>Tanan Rangseeprom HS1JAN , XU7ADN

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