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Advice on antennas for working the LEO's

Hi to the List,

My names Gary,  I'm just getting started in the sats, initially 
looking to work the LEO's with FO 29 in particular.
The station is going to consist of a Yaesu FT 847 cat controlled by 
Ham Radio Delux to control the radio for Doppler.

It's suitable antennas that I have a problem with from web pages etc 
a lot of people seem to use the arrow antenna,
which unfortunately as far as I can see is not available here in the UK.
There is an antenna by Tonna which is a 9 element on 2 and 19 element 
on 70 claimed gain is 13 dBi on 2 16 dBi on 70.
The feed line I will be using to get to the antenna will be a short 
run of West Flex 103 (which is half the loss of RG 213)
I'm hoping to avoid the use of pre amps if possible as getting power 
to them is a problem.
This antenna set up will be temporary in nature, with it being set up 
each time it is in use.
I will be able to rotate the antenna in azimuth by hand or using a 
azimuth rotator.
So would this setup work?
So really all I'm not sure is how effective this setup will be and am 
looking for ideas and suggestions.


Gary G7USC

Gary McKelvie
Web : www.garym.org.uk
Mobile : +447968501863
MSN Messenger : gm7usc@hotmail.com
So Long and Thanks for all the Fish 

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