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Delete key and filter TEST

Just to remind you my very first post subject...

AMSAT-NA should not let AO-51 satellite in the hands of an army wing. As all 
amateur radio satellite they should be used for amateur radio operation not for 
any military use.

For those who are discussing about a way to control satellite attitude by 
magnetorquing don't try to use the intelligence level from some on this BB as 
if we added the sum of all of this energy i think we will not have enough power 
to drive a RL5-W10015. I even think some a former US soldiers!!!

With so many who are supposed to have their filter on on me they are apparently 
a bunch of liars... they probably lick the boots of their army chief to much!

There is also no need to copy and copy and recopy or repost my posts. You will 
only added to the general confusion and mixed up as it was proven that some are 
actually under severe depression it will be advisable to let them relax in 
peace if we still want to enjoy them and their legendary stupidity.

We are not born stupid and dummy we became it! Correct me if i'm wrong I hope 

Here is some excerpt from the messages i received i start my 10 hit list but i 
have enough stuff to make about 10 list and some can throw you out of your 
socks... Viva Cuba El territorio libre en el America  y Patria o muerte. (para 
compagneros y compagneras commentarios)

10- Can't you be little original or  is that past your adult educational level 
      which is probably first  grade?

9-  You poor brainwashed simple minded ignorant moron.

8-   I'm an american citizen who is disappointed that Americans drafted Werner  
     Von Braun of Nazi fame to design the atlas 5 rocket for the appollo 

7- You must be some kind of government or military axe man. Funny how the
    ideas presented seem to be attacked with ignorant one-liners. Kind of like  
    Planet of the  apes movies

6-What's funny on this BB is many are interpreting the text with what they      
    think silently. Probably afraid to be honest up to a point  to reveal what  
   they really think about "real questions"

5-we have issues around the world where other 
   nations, races and bodies believe that if one will/shall all will/shall.

4-Mr Davies- I enjoy seeing posts from luc

3-I may not agree with all that Luc and others post but they have every right
   to express their opinions with the proviso that what they post does descend
   into open personal abuse.

2-Ed: You are exactly correct, I would like to apologize to you and the BB for  
   my  replies to Luc.

1- And the CIA and US Military have been acting without
    Conscience or impunity since 1950 - EVERY SINGLE MAJOR CONFLICT
    Was a result of LIES and deception for power, greed and corruption.

Cha cha cha!

"It is not the class of license the amateur holds, but the class of the amateur 
that holds the license."

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE


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