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Cease Fire Request (Blocking Members)

Hi Everyone,
  I too wished to remain sidelined for this one, but I cannot help myself at this point. After re-reading the posts and analyzing them a little bit, I was able to identify the two sides to the ongoing argument without specifically identifying them...
  Side A says:
  1) You should be free to express your opinion on the BB
  2) Censorship or editing of posts is a violation of the Constitution
  3) Communication via email has different rules than those of operating on the air 
  Side B says:
  1) Posts to the BB should follow the Amateur Code
  2) Posting of an opinion without proper justification is an ignorant post
  3) If you don't care for someone's opinion, just delete it
  What side are you on? Having trouble picking one side?? There's a good reason for that--the reason is that BOTH sides have things they can agree on, but NEITHER side recognizes it. Instead, both sides continue to argue without objective and continue to do so in a manner that is un-becoming of gentlemen and fellow amateurs all for the sake of having the last word. This shouldn't surpise anyone--we're all human, and this is what we do (myself included at times). However, if we are to find ourselves in such a situation, it is crucial that we DO NOT ignore it, but rather work toward a resolution for the sake of the parties involved and (most importantly) the AMSAT-BB community. Just for justification's sake, did anyone notice the number of recent posts from new operators and spacecraft developers? Are these emails the impression we want to give those new operators??
  I implore those involved, please take this opportunity to assess this situation and cease communications on this thread. Yes, we all have a right to our opinions. Yes, these opinions should not be censored. However, we should never aim to offend with our opinions, but rather provoke the technical ingenuities and interests that have brought us all here to this BB in the first place.
  Thanks all. 73,
  Matt Bennett

Matt Bennett
UCISAT Communications Team Member
University of California, Irvine
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