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Re: censorship or lost mail

On 20 Feb 2007 at 19:20, KA2AEV@aol.com wrote:

Is that the only nonsense you can post?
Can't you be little original or  is that past your adult educational level 
which is probably first  grade?

On 19 Feb 2007 at 8:27, Joseph Trombino Jr wrote:

> Sorry, but I must respectfully disagree....I belong to a couple of other 
> email reflectors that had a few bad apples.....continuously causing 
> dissention and problems with inflammatory and derogatory postings.

You poor brainwashed simple minded ignorant moron.

I was trying hard to not respond, but this is am important point.  Everyone has 
freewill and the ability to act out of their own accord.  Just because someone 
is associated with a larger group does not imply that all members of any such 
group condone, support or would/have carry out similar acts.

Ernie Howard wrote:
> You poor brainwashed simple minded ignorant moron.
> You've been watching too many left wing canadian news shows. A few unlawful 
> acts by several solders out of several hundred thousand.... You have more 
> crime in your city than that..... Should we lock you up and call you a 
> lawbreaker because of a few of your fellow citizens?

Ernie Howard, Jr    W8EH    Middletown, Ohio
E-mail: w8eh@cinci.rr.com
Web Page: http://home.cinci.rr.com/w8eh

Luc Leblanc wrote:
Someone who's watching the last BB post and reactions just send me a note where 
he's making reference to the actual mood down the border. The situation is so 
trouble that many are loosing their natural social guidelines. He strongly feel 
that many irrational comments are a strong indicator that some are in the early 
stages of depression.

You may be depressed if you're experiencing:

    * A major drop in your mood that lasts most of the day and is consistently 
low for two weeks or more.
    * A loss of interest in things you normally love to do.
    * Irritability at home or at work. (I added on the internet)
    * Grudges against people you perceive have wronged you.
    * A desire to avoid other people. (I added fltering their messages)
    * Overwhelming feelings of sadness or grief.
    * Unreasonable feelings of guilt.

How is depression treated?

Those who realize they are suffering from depression benefit from professional 
counseling and - possibly - medication. There is a wide range of anti-
depressants on the market that have been approved in the treatment of 

Medication does not normally "cure" depression. But it can help people get 
through their daily routines.

As usual the first steps is to admit that we have a problem, but what will 
happen with those who does not want to listen prefering to discard some post on 

the BB?

73 Peter


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