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Re: Another Diatribe by Luc that has nothing to do withAMSAT

You poor brainwashed simple minded ignorant moron.

You've been watching too many left wing canadian news shows. A few unlawful 
acts by several solders out of several hundred thousand.... You have more 
crime in your city than that..... Should we lock you up and call you a 
lawbreaker because of a few of your fellow citizens?

Yes now it's personal. Buzz off.

Luc Leblanc wrote:
> I am completely exceeded by about an hundred of private messages. Some are 
> asking me to remain private others don't mention it. Remain confident the bad 
> ones are already in the barrel...
> Each and every post will be answered back globally. Starting by the one who 
> asked me on what i was sit "I think he has sat on something and it is giving 
> him pain."
> I remember someone asking the same thing... i just hope it was not related to 
> his wife or his daughter probably they never experience as much paint than the 
> family and mothers of those pile up in one of the pictures made by AMERICAN 
> SOLDIERS. Not to mention the Arab womens rape by american soldiers in Irak. As 
> an hollow tentative to show down  Bruce H Snyder KG4YEV reply "must be the 
> tolerance for drinking on the job thing " Wonderfull United States" But i 
> remain confident it is the ugly side of it the religious right who hang even to 
> a point to strategically forgetting their 13th commandment "You shall not 
> murder"
> Just a note here if you read my title "NO MILITARY COOPERATION ON AO-51" i was 
> not referring to any army but as some invited me to comment on US army 
> involvement in Irak. It was not the subject of my post the links are.
> Now for the benefits the military give us i consider it was a gift a way to 
> help amateur radio serving in emergencies or to improve their communication 
> skills. I am still believing they where not asking to be repaid back in any way 
> or in any form. But some stupid folks in AMSAT-NA are again showing up their 
> stupidness in giving up an amateurs radio apparatus to help an US army wing. 
> WRONG DECISION in a wrong period of time where a stupid moron probably as 
> stupid as the same ones Bruce KG4YEV refers to:(" & believe me our Canadian 
> counterparts to the north taught me a few things about having some fun") and 
> who are trying to mess up the whole world. Stupidity has no sex and borders.
> What else remain to be commented? The troll, block and delete key ones or Kevin 
> WA6FWF stating US army rape and killings are "...stupid stunts"
> That's probably what's Ernie Howard W8EH refers to:  (DIATRIBE - Noun. A 
> lengthy and unsubstantiated submission or request regarding an otherwise simple 
> matter by an ignorant author.) It is an impressive statement showing up an 
> extremely high level of intelligence mostly inspired by a simple dictionnary... 
> But as in any simple citrus we can always expel some juice. He got the 10 level 
> mark when he wrote "He needs to go." That's exactly what's more than 50% of the 
> US population wants including their own government and the rest of the world 
> regarding the US military occupation in Irak. Why AMSAT-NA IS TAKING SIDE HERE 
> " please be patient as we cooperate with our friends at the USAFA " Let them 
> making their own test on their own frequencies!
> Here now stands the relation made by Robert Davies KI4HXT "To compare the US 
> Air Force Academy and AMSAT to the NAZI and Ed Long
> WA4SWJ "between Arguing with our friends that are non-lovers of the military on 
> this BB is like wrestling with pigs:" They dont even pay any respect to their 
> own nation peoples that's just confirm why AMSAT-NA should not get involved 
> with any military operations. The subject matter is highly volatile and can 
> deteriorate...
> I will be on the air on any satellite available and i will try to reach any 
> awards available without considering to prostitute myself with any military or 
> commercial organization (As always i will follow up the gentleman agreement on 
> the air) I still believe those who are helping any amateur group launching and 
> building amateur satellite are doing so without any pay back retribution 
> minding in money nor in services.
> As a reminder the purpose of my first post was to not get involved with any 
> military operation using AO-51 or any other amateur radio satellite. For those 
> who want's to discuss any other matter do it privately. Here is a definition of 
> the word stupidity that's the base i used for this text. It is wide and not 
> restrictive to any part of my text but can vary from context to another but he 
> never carry any pejorative intent.
> Stupidity is the quality or condition of being stupid, or lacking intelligence, 
> as opposed to being merely ignorant or uneducated. This quality can be 
> attributed to both an individual (e.g. Penny Person is stupid) or a person's 
> actions, words or beliefs (e.g., Penny Person's policies are stupid). The term 
> can thus also refer to poor use of judgement, or insensitivity to nuances in a 
> person who is otherwise intelligent. The determination of who is stupid is 
> relatively difficult, despite attempts to measure intelligence (and thus 
> stupidity) such as IQ tests. The adjective is also used as a general pejorative 
> (e.g. I didn't borrow your stupid cap - go look for it yourself).
> What's the joke here! Kevin WA6FWF wish me  "no 73 for you...."
> Just to let you know i already get my valentine one...it's probably "a vague 
> sign of fraternalism" 
> "first authentic use of 73 is in the publication The National Telegraphic 
> Review and  Operators' Guide, first published in April 1857. At that time, 73 
> meant "My love to you"!  Succeeding issues of this publication continued to use 
> this definition of the term. Curiously  enough, some of the other numerals used 
> then had the same definition as they have now,  but within a short time, the 
> use of 73 began to change. "In the National Telegraph Convention, the numeral 
> was changed from the Valentine-type  sentiment to a vague sign of fraternalism"
> "-"
> "How far San Jose is from Castro distric in San Francisco?"
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